I was recently asked why should women pay attention to the moon? There are two answers to that. The first is rather practical. If you were going to be caught in a thunderstorm or heat wave, wouldn’t you prefer to know about it in advance so that you can prepare? Knowing about the moon phase and what astrological sign it’s in gives you that information.

Generally speaking, new moons are for beginnings. Full moons are for banishing or getting rid of things. If you’re a gardener, you want to know about the moon phase so that you plant at the best time. Bulbs and root vegetables are planted when the moon is waning.

Plant above ground crops when the moon is waxing. Hair stylists, doctors, and therapists may also want to pay attention to the moon phases because there are better times for cutting hair and also times when you can expect a bit more mayhem or accidents. The menstrual cycle of healthy women who are not on birth control also follows the moon.

The moon is far more than that for women though. When you have a relationship with the moon, it takes you deeper into your womanhood, your self. It connects you to other women. In fact, it creates a connection to the whole universe.

The moon is one of the ultimate feminine energies. It cycles every 28 days, like a woman, reminding us to tune into the energies of our bodies, the earth, the moon, and the universe. It serves as a reminder for where we are and keeps us present.

Invariably, when we get off track, it’s because we are not “here.” We want something to be different. Maybe we’re trying to control something or someone. Or it could be that we want things to stay the same while the cycle of life is moving on. When you tune into the moon, you can get back to where you are. Life is always flowing from a state of fullness to emptiness, from giving to receiving.

When you feel that pulse of feminine energy running through you, it’s easier to see it in other people. (Even men have feminine energy). You see it in other things – the trees, the sky, the oceans, squirrels, and elephants. They are cycling with life, too. Your eyes and heart start to feel the common thread that runs between all things.

So take a moment to look up at the night sky. Pay attention to the moon. Where is it? Tap into that energy. If you can’t see it, close your eyes and delve into the darkness…. and also your darkness. See the unseen. Step into the fullness of yourself. Then come back out again into the light. Be reborn and let the world see you. It’s a beautiful expression of life.