Where the Elements Meet - Experiential Online Animism Class
Pan Society makes animism accessible to the modern person. You don't have to be the grandchild of a Cherokee princess or a Viking to be animist. Come as you are. Join us!
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Where the Elements Meet

where the elements meet

Where the Elements Meet

Hands down, my favorite place to be is the water’s edge. It’s where the elements meet. The Sun (fire) is high above. Air is all around. The Earth is below, and the water is also right there. It’s also liminal space, so there is this amazing completeness, but also a sense of wonder. Like anything can happen. Things can easily end, begin, or burst into being for the first time here.

Last weekend while at the water’s edge, I got up early. Although I missed the sunrise, it was still early enough that soft yellow of the morning sun wasn’t yet warm. It called me out to the water where I floated with my eyes closed, listening to the river lap at the shore.

Above me ospreys hunted for breakfast while a blue heron posed in the reeds unmoving. Had a jumping fish not caught my attention, I may have missed her.

I gave a silent thanks that everyone else still lay sleeping so that I could have this all to myself for a few precious moments.

It’s funny how – with perhaps the exception of the birds – Nature is tentative and quiet in the mornings. Even the fisherman glided silently by with just a nod of acknowledgement. It’s like we all knew that all too soon, motors, chatter, and life would disrupt the stillness. And we wanted to hold on to it for as long as we could.

In the stillness where the elements meet is Oneness. It’s love, the Divine, and magic unspoiled. And even though anything is possible, it’s so perfect that who would want to change a thing? It’s a great place to be when the world around me is in chaos. It’s a place to center and remember I am in relationship with all my ancestors.


Laura grew up with animism. She is a co-founder of Pan Society, a licensed clinical social worker, author of Angel Whispering: How to Talk to Your Spiritual Guides and How To Be A Panist: A Guide to Creating a Modern Animist Lifestyle. She also facilitates spiritual pilgrimages. For more information about Laura Giles, see her websites at http://www.lauragiles.org

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