Where Are You Going? - Experiential Online Animism Class
Pan Society makes animism accessible to the modern person. You don't have to be the grandchild of a Cherokee princess or a Viking to be animist. Come as you are. Join us!
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Where Are You Going?

where are you going

Where Are You Going?

Where are you going that you’re walking so fast? What’s so important that you can’t slow down? Do you notice the blue sky or watch as your puppy growls for the first time?

Your thoughts don’t stop even when you’re sleeping. You wake up to an alarm clock, jump on the treadmill, and eat on the run. There is no pause until the moon is high in the sky.

Where are you going?

Don’t you know that life moves in a circle? There is nowhere to go but right back here.

So what if you get “there” first? Who rushes to finish a good meal first, to speed through love making, or to die first? Wouldn’t savoring make your life more memorable? More juicy?

Or is it about accumulating the “most?” Most what? Life?

One day, perhaps when you are old and wise, you may realize that there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. So there is no need to rush. Everything you need is right here. All that has to be done is done. And within that knowing is peace.

I know. It’s something you have to experience to embrace. So while you are getting there, look around you. Where in Nature do you see a straight line?

What animal works himself into an anxious mess trying to get “ahead”?

What mountain tries to be something other than what he is?

Take a moment to gaze into the morning sun. Let your eye linger over dandelion fluff that drifts along in the wind. Listen to crickets come alive at dusk. Where are they going?

How are you like them? How are they like you? Let your consciousness broaden to light up the nature within you. And see yourself.

You are everything. Everything magnificent thing is you. So why run away, avoid, rush around, and do things that don’t really matter? Be here now. It’s enough.






Laura grew up with animism. She is a co-founder of Pan Society, a licensed clinical social worker, author of Angel Whispering: How to Talk to Your Spiritual Guides and How To Be A Panist: A Guide to Creating a Modern Animist Lifestyle. She also facilitates spiritual pilgrimages. For more information about Laura Giles, see her websites at http://www.lauragiles.org

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