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“Go Wild” was the theme for my last sacred travel adventure to Scotland. It was pure inspiration, nothing planned. It just felt right. I thought it would be about tapping into our own individual nature and allowing it room to flourish. For me, it was not that at all.

“Go wild” meant far more than that. It was about finding your true self within the matrix of the universe. It was the sensation of feeling how you fit into the world. Man has had a habit of bending the world to fit into his desires. We live in molded, comfortable structures that dominate the land. We travel in vehicles that encapsulate us and keep the world out. Our food is grown in perfectly straight rows in plots of single organisms instead of a varied landscape of this and that like things grow naturally.

Going to Scotland took me completely out of that element. The Highlands are a land that are largely uncontrolled. Small fishing villages dot the landscape, but none “dominate.” They can’t. The land is too wild. Landslides sculpt the earth and threaten to reclaim any dwellings that humans are stupid enough to place in their path. The sea rages violently as a constant reminder of your smallness in the scheme of things. The big sky changes from bright to moody throughout the day letting you know that your plans and desires mean nothing. You must conform to it. It doesn’t conform to you. Waterfalls gouge the powerful earth showing that even something as strong as rock is vulnerable here.

I woke up each day with the supreme knowledge that I was not the big man on the totem pole. No, I was just a puny human who would perish long before any of this. Trying to force my will on anything was futile, so I might as well learn to live with it… and myself.

That may seem like a humbling thought. It was, but in a glorifying and freeing way. It left me with the feeling that I have a place in the world. I fit somewhere. Something bigger than me was in control. There is a plan. And it’s all just right.

When you give up the need to control things and can flow with it, it feels exhilarating. To say, “I’m okay, you’re okay” is true, but so small. It’s more like, “We’re in this together, so buck up and play your part! Be you. I’ll be me. We’ll stay connected and mutually support each other.” I don’t know. Words are too small to capture the feeling. All I can say is that it’s hard to be one with nature without being one with your own nature.

I see all these Wild Woman manifestos that talk about letting your hair down, doing what you want, and being okay with being a weirdo in a world of conformists and control freaks. That’s a stepping stone to tapping into the bigger picture. Can you truly be wild in a vacuum? I challenge you to get wild in a community of wild men, women, and children. If you don’t know any, create them. Let’s burst free of the need to control and conform. Behaving is for wimps!

Once we give ourselves permission to laugh, love, cry, be uncomfortable, not know, and be authentic with ourselves and others, then let’s go wild with nature. Become one with the universe. Then go even bigger. I dare you!