walking in the rain https://pansociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/rain.jpg

The first time I went walking in the rain was in Italy. I had only nine precious days. There was no way I was going to waste one of them sitting inside when everything I wanted to see was outside. I wasn’t going to let a little rain stop me.

Only it wasn’t a little rain. It was a day long deluge. Still, I was determined to enjoy the ruins -rain or no rain. The thing that I learned that day was, “So what.” So what that it’s raining. What does rain have to do with it. Life goes on.

The next time I chose to go walking in the rain was in England. Now, England is always rainy so it makes no sense at all to think that I could only walk on sunny days. I came prepared this time with a brolly, two raincoats, wellies, and a sunny disposition. Expecting rain made it a nonevent. Life went on beautifully.

When we were last in Egypt, it actually rained during our camel ride in the desert! We didn’t know this then, but camels don’t like rain. They can get cold and start to run towards shelter. Being in the rain at night in the Sahara was one of the highlights of the trip. We listened to Bedouin music while the cold rain evaporated almost as quickly as it fell.

Today I am not on holiday. It’s been raining for days, and I just returned from a ninety minute walk in the rain. It was glorious. There was no one else on the trails. I saw things I wouldn’t have seen in the sunshine, like the way the water runs down the hillside and into the creeks. The thick canopy above actually kept me from getting wet at all.

I don’t know if the rain brought out a ton of mushrooms or if they just slowed me down enough to see them, but there were lots of mushrooms in flower. Frogs were happily singing. Snails slimed the path where I walked. The rain did not perturb the squirrels. I even saw one using his tail as an umbrella!

The view of life is always changing. If we only go out in fair weather, we can miss a lot! To have a rounded, deep life, you have to be willing to be a little uncomfortable sometimes. Life gives us many things. Why not enjoy as much of them as you can? Even the rain.