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What is a vortex?

A vortex is a naturally occurring swirl of energy that spins around a central axis. Tornadoes and water spiraling down a drain are typical examples. These usually pop up spontaneously and end when the energy runs out. The type of energy vortex that is connected with spiritual sites may open up without warning. However, there are some that are stable and simply spin in the same location without dissipating.

Where can I find a vortex?

If you are feeling adventurous, you can go vortex hunting by just walking around an area that has a mystical feel to it. Or if you want more predictable results Vortex Hunters has a list of known or suspected stable vortices around the world. There is probably one near you.

How do you know you’re in a vortex?

Well, there is no way to prove that they even exist. Some say that pendulums stop moving or will swing in the opposite direction when in a vortex. Some say that you can find them using dowsing rods. Some say compasses act peculiar, like the needle will just spin around instead of holding a steady point towards the north. Some say that you can see the spiraling energy in the plant life of the area. If you see trees that are twisted, this could be a sign that you’re in a vortex. (Be aware that juniper treesĀ are naturally twisted so no paranormal activity is afoot.) Other report more subjective things like feeling a sense of peace, feeling energy flow through their bodies, feeling warmth, feeling intense emotions, or having psychic experiences.

Vortex sites have other things in common that may make them a bit easier to find. They tend to have a mystical or spiritual history. They may be located on limestone deposits. They tend to be out in rural areas. They tend to be located on ley lines. (You can definitely dowse for these). Part of the fun of vortex hunting is the investigation. Take an open mind and plenty of curiosity and skepticism. This will make the experience more fun.

What do I do once I am there?

Meditate. Get a feel for the type of energy that you are working with. Set an intention. Ask for a vision, a blessing, a healing. Ask for help releasing something. Wait. Listen. Receive. You may get something. You may perceive nothing. If you perceive nothing, don’t assume nothing happened. The Law of Resonance says that when two like bodies are near each other, the energy of the weaker one follows the pattern of the stronger one. Here is an example. When a piano and violin are near each other, hit the D key on the piano. The violin’s D string will vibrate without being touched. I can feel the influence of a strong vortex for weeks or even months after I’ve left it. Subtle is often preferable to a bolt of lightning. It gives your body and mind a chance to acclimate to new information.

What’s the point of going vortex hunting?

The energy of the vortex may shake you up to motivate you to do something. It may give you energy you need to do what you need to do. It may give you clarity to help you see what you are not seeing. It may just be a peaceful, relaxing time in nature. It’s hard to tell. It’s not always the same experience each time.