what's blocking you

Pick-A-Card: What Is Blocking You?

This month we’re looking at what’s blocking you. This could be in the area of love, money, spiritual breakthroughs, job, family healing, getting pregnant, anything. We will start by having you think about an area in your life that is not flowing. Be specific.

For this Pick-A-Card I’m using the Fairy Lenormand deck by M. Katz and T. Goodwin. Artwork is by Davide Corsi. I use Lenormand when I want an answer about something mundane and I want specificity. These are really great cards for that. So, are you ready? You’ve identified the area where you feel maybe a little or a lot blocked? Just one area, right?

Okay, look at the cards. Choose the group that feels right to you. It’s the pair that is calling to you. Got it?

Now on the picture, all the cards are spread out so that you can choose your pair, but what I am actually doing is shuffling in between each time, so in actuality, I am choosing from the whole deck for each pull so a card may come up more than once. In reality, there is only one of each card in the deck. I just want to be clear about that.

Key and Mice

Okay, the first pair is the top right. It’s the Key and the Mice. So if this is the pair that you chose, the thing that is blocking you has just been time. It’s not been the right time and now it is. The thing that you’ve been waiting for – whether that’s a person, an opportunity, some knowledge – is on the doorstep. Whatever it is, is about the be realized.

But look at these mice here. They are suggesting that perhaps it’s been you who has blocked your success. You doubt it. You don’t see opportunity as opportunity. Maybe you’re turning away from it or feel you don’t deserve it. Or it could be something like you think that you can’t handle it. It’s okay to be a worrier. Some of us are just wired that way. If you think that what you want is too much work, will bring more headache than it’s worth, you will lose it. So be picky about where you put your energy and how you define your goals. You can have what you want. Just be sure that it is what you want. If it is, relax. Let yourself enjoy it.

Clouds and Book

If you picked the top middle, you have the Clouds and the Book. The thing that is blocking you is that you haven’t clearly defined what you want. So either you don’t know what you’re looking for, you want more than one thing and they are in conflict with each other, or maybe you’re being wishy washy.

The antidote for you is actually pretty common sense. That’s to do more research. That’s what this book is about. Ask for advice. Read reviews. Check out research, or it could even be a thing about learning how to interpret statistics. People create research to support their own ideas honestly. So you have to be able to read between the lines. I had to do a class in statistics in college and that was what it was all about- making sense of data. It’s not as straight forward as you might think. So consider ideas that you haven’t. Weigh pros and cons. Open your mind. Be curious. It’s time to close your mouth and listen. Take in data, not share opinions. When you have the information that you need, you will be more decisive, so take your time.

Whip and Anchor

If the top right is your pick, you’ve got the Whip and the Anchor. I wish I had another card to go with this whip or had a person in front of me because this could go a lot of different ways. But think about what we do with whips. They are used to beat things. They are associated with pain. But the Whip is also associated with sex, repetitive motion like exercise, or physical things. Since we are talking about obstacles, I am going to suggest that what is blocking you is pain, fights, explosions, anger- that type of thing.

You’re not making it easy for others to give. You’re being too aggressive. While that has it’s place, if that’s your default, it’s not easy for people to warm up to you or work with you.

Unfortunately for you, this is going to take some time to work on it. The block isn’t permanent, but I don’t see it leaving in a hurry. There is a happy ending, but there are lessons here to learn that will be worth the delay. I don’t even want to call it a delay because it’s more like time spent before you get what you have your eye on. So take it easy. Try not to be so stubborn and set in your ways. Life is easy when you’re easy going. It’s the old saying, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” If you’re both going to catch flies, why not take the more relaxed path that will get you more of what you want?

Dog and Bear

Okay, if you chose the bottom left, you’ve got the Dog and the Bear. They are a nice pair. Dogs are a man’s best friend, right? Unfortunately in this situation, your loyalty is holding you back. Your values are making it hard for you to let go of what you had so that you can have what you want. Maybe you are afraid that it will hurt a friendship, your partner, or your employer in some way. Maybe that’s even true. Or maybe it’s all in your head.

It could be that it’s time to examine your standards of what “loyalty” means.¬†For example, let’s say that you and I are friends. I get offered a promotion, but you don’t. If I am thinking of turning the job down because you didn’t get an offer too, that’s nonsense! If you asked me to refuse because you didn’t get a job offer too, that would not be fair. That’s not a common example of misplaced loyalty, but I hope you get it.

So what’s this Bear say is the antidote? The Bear is a very Earthy card. Think mama bear, protector, strong, and sturdy. This bear wants you to step into your power and say yes. You can do or have what you want. It’s available. You just have to nurture yourself. Put yourself first. It’s not disloyal to love yourself. You can do really big things and still be you. You may need to pay attention to your values and keep your spiritual and material lives balanced, but you’ve got this!

Moon and Birds

Last, but not least the Moon and the Birds. This Moon is suggesting that you’re more of a dreamer than a doer. You can get caught up in mood swings. You want things to feel good before you move on them, and that’s not a bad thing. Your block is not really a block, it’s just more of an indication of the nature ebb and flow of life. This will turn around pretty quickly on its own, but you do have to be alert for when the energy shifts so that you can move on it. You’re really good at the paying attention part, but maybe not so good at taking fast action.

These bird echo that. They are saying to wait for a sign, then jump. Maybe the sign will actually even be birds, but you will get some new, an email, a text- something like that that will say, “The time is now! This is it!” Don’t rule out that the sign could come from Spirit during meditation or however you speak to your guides. Just trust your gut. You will know when you see it what to do.


So you’ve met your Inner Child. I hope that he is helping you to trust, explore, and recapture some of your fun. The easiest way to get through hard times is the way kids do. Relax. Don’t overthink things. Trust that tomorrow is a new day. Things like that.

Now your Inner Child has a new project, that is to help you deal with what’s blocking you. So let him out to play and see what miracles can happen.

I’d love to hear how it goes. Write me a comment. See you next month!