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spiritual significance of scars

The Spiritual Significance of Scars

If you want to know about the spiritual significance of scars, visit a battleground, a holocaust site, or any symbol of horror. I've been to Tuol Sleng, Culloden, and Wounded Knee. I hope to visit Auschwitz some day too. You might wonder what that has to do with spirituality. Aren't those places of darkness? Actually, yes. The energy at  Tuol Sleng, Culloden, and Wounded Knee is oppressive. The lingering promise of horrible death wraps itself around you and threatens to choke you. It enters your pores and drowns you in unimaginable sorrow. They are wounds in the spiritual flesh of humanity. So, why should anyone go there? To never forget. To heal. To forgive, and to stand renewed. "The wound is the place where light enters you." ~Rumi We live in an age where scars are seen...

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wounded knee

The Earth Weeps at Wounded Knee

Sometime we don't go to places for light and love. We go to remember. To feel. To touch the other side. And sometimes to heal. Wounded Knee is such a place. We arrived in the mid afternoon. The sun was thankfully mild that day, and the breeze made it easy to sit in the shade to listen to our Lakota guide’s one hour presentation on the history of the site. He spoke of his family history in a matter-of-fact tone that made the horror of his words almost unbearable. In case you don’t know the story, in December 1890, the situation for the Lakota on the Pine Ridge reservation was looking pretty bleak. Winter was setting in. The buffalo were gone. The nomadic Lakota could no longer roam around freely and were...

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