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crabtree falls

Hiking the Crabtree Falls Vortex

Vortex Hunters lists places around the world that people report as having an energy vortex. I am always a little skeptical, but that doesn't stop me from checking it out. This past weekend, I took a group of people up to Crabtree Falls (Virginia) to see- vortex or no vortex? One of the things that sacred places have in common are ley lines, water, and being out in nature. Not sure about ley lines, but Crabtree Falls definitely has water and nature in abundance. You don't have to walk very far before you see the lower falls. The trail hugs the water for the steep 1.7 mile hike up. The trail is pretty narrow. It's mainly single file. It's also mostly dirt and rock, so if your balance isn't good and you're not...

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vortex hunting

What to Know Before You Go Vortex Hunting

What is a vortex? A vortex is a naturally occurring swirl of energy that spins around a central axis. Tornadoes and water spiraling down a drain are typical examples. These usually pop up spontaneously and end when the energy runs out. The type of energy vortex that is connected with spiritual sites may open up without warning. However, there are some that are stable and simply spin in the same location without dissipating. Where can I find a vortex? If you are feeling adventurous, you can go vortex hunting by just walking around an area that has a mystical feel to it. Or if you want more predictable results Vortex Hunters has a list of known or suspected stable vortices around the world. There is probably one near you. How do you know you're...

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What’s So Special About A Ley Line or Vortex?

I had been facilitating spiritual tours a while before I asked myself,  "What makes a sacred site juicy to all people all the time?" Answer- ley lines and vortices. It's still a hypothesis I am testing out, but I really think that is the key to a spiritual destination home run. I am so sure of it that I named my spiritual tours company after the big mama of ley lines - the Rainbow Serpent. What's a ley line? Ley lines are invisible, straight lines that link natural and manmade sacred sites. These sacred sites might be churches, cairns, stone circles, barrows, caves, fords, sacred springs, and hilltops. The term was coined in 1921 by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins who wrote a book about them called The Old Straight Track. He was not the...

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bear lodge

Sleeping in the Shadow of Bear Lodge

This is one of the legends of the Bear Lodge/Devils Tower. Long ago, three Native American boys were playing. They shot their arrows far into the sagebrush and ran after them. Then they heard a small animal making noise and went to investigate. They came to a stream with many colorful pebbles and followed that for a while. Next they encountered a hill and wanted to see what was on the other side. On the other side they saw a herd of antelope and, of course, had to track them for a while. When they got hungry and thought it was time to go home, the two boys found that they didn't know where they were. They started off in the direction where they thought their village was, but only got farther and...

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