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what are rites of passage

What is a Rite of Passage?

Loneliness is epidemic in modern society. Many, I believe rightly so, point to the lack of rites of passage as a major contributor to the problem. Rites of passage let us know where we stand and to whom we belong. Without that, we can feel lost. So what is a rite of passage exactly?  Elements of the Rite of Passage If we want to understand rites of passage, we have to identify the elements. Cultural anthropologist, Arnold van Gennep, describes the stages as separation, liminal, and incorporation. Imagine you are standing with your friends in a room and want to get to the next room. You have to walk away from them to begin that process, right? This is the separation stage. Some modern people see rites of passage as things like getting your...

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when does a woman become a crone

When Does a Woman Become a Crone?

When does a woman become a crone? Does it happen when she stops menstruating? When she reaches retirement age? When she decides she's there?  Everyone knows when a girl becomes a woman. It is a physical thing that happens when her body is ready to reproduce. It doesn't really matter if the girl is mentally or emotionally ready or not. Unfortunately, the Crone stage is not so black and white. In cultures where girls grow up with a moon lodge, it makes sense to time the Crone stage with menstruation. We know that menstrual blood has the power of life. When a woman retains all that energy for herself and no longer has anyone to care for, so she can use her energy for herself - she becomes a force to be...

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