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What to Know Before You Visit Peru

Ah, Peru. I've been all around the world, and read about Peru before taking my first trip, but nothing prepares you for the real thing. Still, it is better to have some idea before embarking on your journey so here are some need-to-know ideas that will help you prepare for to visit Peru. *Peru has three regions: the jungle, the Andes, and the coast. Spiritual travelers are going to focus on the Andes, so this article really pertains to that area only. Never Stop Altitude Sickness Prevention You're going to get sick. Just factor that in. Seventy-five percent of people get altitude sickness at heights over 10,000 feet. That's just about everyone and just about everywhere unless you stay coastal or in the jungle. So, what do you do? Stay hydrated. Take it...

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Machu Picchu

A Gift From Machu Picchu

Sacred travel isn't just about seeing spiritual places. Sometimes it is just about being in communion with nature and allowing the high vibrational energy to work its magic. That's what happened for me at Machu Picchu. I'd been to Machu Picchu before. It's stunning. When the clouds parted to reveal the picturesque ruins, it took my breath away. I couldn't stop looking at the view! The sun rays looked like they were blessing the earth. Absolutely mesmerizing. ...

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Blessings from Sun Island

We boarded the catamaran from Copacabana, Bolivia heading towards Sun Island. Excited? You bet. This place is called many things: the navel of the earth, the home of the earth's sacral chakra, the birthplace of the Inca civilization, birthplace of the sun, and also the spot where the Rainbow and Plumed serpents cross paths - one of the most powerful places on earth! Here is the conjunction of other opposites as well: man and woman; sun and moon (the Sun Island and Moon Island); positive and negative; light and dark. Although Sun Island is the largest island on Lake Titicaca, it feels small, intimate, quiet, and mysterious. There are no bars, restaurants, or even roads! I noticed flowers, wind, stones, the air, and sky here. How could I not? Nature makes...

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aramu muru

The Aramu Muru Doorway

I like to go into sacred places blind. That way there won't be any preconceived notions coloring my experience. I want to know that what I am experiencing is a result of what is there, not some expectation. Even without knowing anything about The City of the Spirits, it's easy to tell that this place is special. It looks like nothing else in the area. The dark red stones are huge and oddly shaped. It's like they were dropped out of the sky and placed in the flat, green farmland. The first time we drove by, I took pictures and thought, "I wonder what is going on here?" Our guide later told us that this land used to be underwater. It was pushed up from the lake floor millions of years...

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