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Eight Reasons to See Ostia Antica

I am not sure why you never hear more about Ostia Antica. It's just a quick jaunt outside of Rome. It's an amazing site that I spent all day roaming around. Here are my top eight reasons to see Ostia Antica. It's Convenient to Rome It's only 20 miles from Rome. It's served by a commuter train that runs fairly frequently. Once you get off the train, you just walk five minutes down a shady lane and boom, you're there. This makes it a lot easier to day trip from Rome. After all Pompeii is four hours away. It Rivals Pompeii Everyone has heard of the ruins at Pompeii. Ostia Antica is large- 10,000 acres. Much of it is very well preserved. It's also rural, so it's quite picturesque and unspoiled by tourism. The...

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