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Pan Society makes animism accessible to the modern person. You don't have to be the grandchild of a Cherokee princess or a Viking to be animist. Come as you are. Join us!
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what are you birthing

What Are You Birthing?

Everything has the potential to blossom into something new. Today is the eve of May Day. We're halfway through the spring. Lilacs and wisteria perfume the air. Cherry trees and dogwoods are in full bloom. Baby animals are being born on the farm. What are you birthing? Spring is the time of the year to bring forth new ideas, new projects, and new relationships. Instead of creating new things most of us just revamp the old thing in a new way. Perhaps we're in a new relationship, but it's just a new person with the same old dynamic. Maybe we have a new job, but it gives us the same emotional and intellectual challenges as the old one. It could be that we started a new project or hobby, and that will...

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