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What’s So Special About A Ley Line or Vortex?

I had been facilitating spiritual tours a while before I asked myself,  "What makes a sacred site juicy to all people all the time?" Answer- ley lines and vortices. It's still a hypothesis I am testing out, but I really think that is the key to a spiritual destination home run. I am so sure of it that I named my spiritual tours company after the big mama of ley lines - the Rainbow Serpent. What's a ley line? Ley lines are invisible, straight lines that link natural and manmade sacred sites. These sacred sites might be churches, cairns, stone circles, barrows, caves, fords, sacred springs, and hilltops. The term was coined in 1921 by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins who wrote a book about them called The Old Straight Track. He was not the...

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