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10 Things to Love About Egypt

Most lists of top things to love about Egypt focus on her destinations. There are definitely fabulous sites in Egypt. It's a land that is as fascinating today as its been throughout the ages. However, what draws me to Egypt is her energy. Here are my top picks for what to love about Egypt. The Energy Those who say that New York is the city that never sleeps have never been to Cairo. There is always a million things going on, and it always feels so alive. Whether it's the middle of a busy afternoon, Friday prayers, or 2 a.m. overlooking the Nile, Egypt has a buzz of anticipation, action, and potential that is simply invigorating. You can't not feel it. The People The people are so warm and wonderful. They smile freely. It's...

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Why the Heck Should You Visit Luxor?

Some say that Egypt is played out. It draws a yawn as a "been there, done that" destination. So why the heck should you visit Luxor? Are you kidding me? Wow! Those who think this have lost their eyes and their hearts! Luxor has been a popular tourist destination for centuries. Ancient Greeks and Romans traveled to the famed city for its warm climate and spectacular architecture. At the height of its magnificence, the city of Luxor had a million inhabitants, but around 30 BC, the Romans smashed the city to bits in retaliation for a revolt in Upper Egypt. Annual floods, sand storms, and natives scavenging the temple stones for building materials continued the destruction. It wasn’t until the early 18th century that the glory of Luxor was rediscovered and restored,...

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Image by Soupy Squirrel from Pixabay

Five Days in Egypt

The following is an account of my first five days in Egypt- the experience that unwittingly introduced me to sacred travel. Wednesday Wednesday, my first day in Cairo, started with a midnight arrival. As we flew over the city, I was in awe over how big it was. It seemed we flew for miles and miles before we touched down. The lights chased away any fatigue I had been feeling. Excitement raced though me as I walked down through the dark and dingy hallways of the airport. First stop was passport check. People milled around and stood wherever they thought they could, with no regard for the line. As a result, even though I was not far back, it took a while to get to the head of the line and be processed....

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