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spiritual significance of scars

The Spiritual Significance of Scars

If you want to know about the spiritual significance of scars, visit a battleground, a holocaust site, or any symbol of horror. I've been to Tuol Sleng, Culloden, and Wounded Knee. I hope to visit Auschwitz some day too. You might wonder what that has to do with spirituality. Aren't those places of darkness? Actually, yes. The energy at  Tuol Sleng, Culloden, and Wounded Knee is oppressive. The lingering promise of horrible death wraps itself around you and threatens to choke you. It enters your pores and drowns you in unimaginable sorrow. They are wounds in the spiritual flesh of humanity. So, why should anyone go there? To never forget. To heal. To forgive, and to stand renewed. "The wound is the place where light enters you." ~Rumi We live in an age where scars are seen...

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sacred battlefield

Finding the Sacred on the Battlefield

A battlefield is not your typical place that a sacred seeker finds the divine. I mean, who ever heard of a sacred battlefield? If all life is sacred, then God is here too. On our last trip to Scotland, we stopped at the Culloden Battlefield where between 1,500 and 2,000 Jacobites and 300 government soldiers were wounded or killed. The butchery here is legendary, and modern Scots still show the pain of it when talking about it. It looks calm and picturesque today until you get to the monument. A dark, mourning energy penetrates the air here. It feels like the pain and dashed hopes of all Scotland lies here. Contrast that to American Civil War battle at Appomattox. This is where General Lee surrendered to General Grant which cascaded into a...

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