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Pan Society makes animism accessible to the modern person. You don't have to be the grandchild of a Cherokee princess or a Viking to be animist. Come as you are. Join us!
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what are animist guides

What Are Animist Guides?

Christians have the Ten Commandments to guide them through life. Since animism doesn't have dogma or rules, what are animist guides? What do we look to when times are uncertain? Let's explore that here. The Archetypes Archetypes are energies that are consistent from culture to culture. Although the word "warrior" might be different from place to place, every culture knows what a warrior is. Herein lies the value of the archetypes. Because these energies are universal, we have examples of them in life and in our stories. Wherever we look, we can see examples of what they look like when they are effective and what they look like when they are corrupt. This can help to guide us towards the energy that we need for a particular situation. For example, the Mother is a...

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What No One Tells You About Hanging Out With Animists

Someone recently asked me what it's like to hang out with indigenous animists. I hadn't really thought about it until I got that question. Once it was asked, I had to admit that there are differences. Keep in mind that these are only generalities. Everyone is different. It's Quieter There are a lot of reasons for the quiet. I think we are more comfortable with silence and don't fill the need to fill it with chatter. We're good at witnessing and listening. If we are enjoying something like the stars or a fire, we know that words can sometimes distract from the experience. So we might just communicate with a smile or a gesture.  It's less self conscious If you ever want to see adults and children act a fool, go to an animist gathering....

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animist quest

Embarking on the Animist Quest

The problem with embarking on an animist quest is that there are no directions, no guides. It's a personal journey that can start at birth, after a crisis, from a dream, or any time at all. No one path will look like another because it's a passionate cry from the heart to return to your roots. It's a call to belong to the All-That-Is once again. And when you hear it, it can't be denied. The forest beckons to you. The stars stir something powerful within that must be heeded. The smell of salt spray lures you away from computer screens, neon, and noisy offices and into the Wild. It wants us to trade the hum of traffic for the gurgling of a spring, and the artificial pine smell of cleaners...

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how to tell people you're an animist

Coming Out as an Animist

If you are a convert to animism, sooner of later you are going to have to tell people you're an animist. If your family, friends, or lover isn't open minded, it may not be the easiest conversation to have. Here are some tips to make coming out as an animist easier. Pick Your Moment As with all tough conversations, it's a good idea to pick your moment. You want to have this talk when the other person is relaxed,  receptive, and in a good space to hear you. The worst times is when either of you are hungry, angry, distracted, or tired. So pick your moment. Timing is really important. Know Your Goal Why are you having this conversation? What do you hope to gain? Be clear on your intention beforehand. This will help...

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ancestral home

Why Modern Animists Need an Ancestral Home

Non-Americans make fun of us when we say we're Irish-American or Cuban-American when we've never been to those countries and our parents were born in the USA. I don't think they understand our longing for roots because they have them. While we may have been here for centuries, we know our roots lie elsewhere. This is why modern animists need an ancestral home. Almost everyone knows their native place, or the place where their fathers or grandfather's were born. Many modern animists have lost touch with their ancestral home, or the place where their distant people are from. Even when we know, we don't maintain the language, don't know the customs, and don't sustain the lifestyle. When all you have to lay claim to that heritage is oral tradition - which...

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