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There is no right or wrong path. You can’t do spirituality wrong. All paths lead to the same destination. Some paths are just more direct and joyous than others. If you’re using spirituality as an escape, you could be taking the hard, circuitous route.

What does that looks like? Well, if your spirituality separates you from your human experience, it could be a way of not being here. It could be a way to escape your life.

“I’ve learned that living is not the same thing as making a life.” ~Maya Angelou

I get that we are spirits having a human experience, but why not actually have that spiritual experience? Why be in a hurry to leave here? And if you’re here, why not enjoy it.

Have you seen the way sweet grass gently waves when the wind blows through? What about the way that the sun breaks through the night sky ushering in the dawn? Have you smelled the sweetness of a baby’s breath? Those are exquisite experiences that spirits can’t have.

I believe that spirituality is the great unifier. It unites the dead with the living, the finite with the infinite, the past with the future. It’s a way to stay connected to all that is.

If you cut yourself off from the physical, negative people, or people who aren’t as “enlightened” as you, you limit your experience of life.

“Mitakuye Oyasin” means to all my relations. It is a reminder of the thread that binds us to the plants, animals, stars, mountains, and all beings. You are everything.

You can’t cut yourself off from the “darkness” or your brothers without diminishing yourself. When you use spirituality as an escape from material existence, you’re not living. Live! Talk to people. Share yourself. Feel something. Get your heart broken. It’s why you’re here.