sacred, mundane, profane

What’s the difference between the sacred, mundane, and profane? I’d say your point of view. All life is sacred. What makes it mundane is forgetting that so that what is commonplace loses its significance. What makes a thing profane is abuse.

Let’s look at sex for example. Sex is a magical process from which life begins. When you see a calf or baby being born, it’s hard to miss the wonder of it all.

Yet, who among us hasn’t forgotten that when sex is readily available in the same way with the same person? The sex didn’t change. Our minds did.

If you are reared without the respect and reverence for sex, it may not just be mundane, but profane. When we snatch young girls off the streets and sell them to buyers, sex has become profane.

These bodies are not just being used for an outlet for a need, but people are exploited for financial gain. That’s an abuse of a person’s sovereignty as well as an abuse of personal power.

To bring it closer to home, let’s look at something more of us can relate to. Water. Water is essential to all life on this planet. It beautifies the landscape and leaves us feeling more calm and relaxed when we are around it.

Our bodies are made primarily of water and yet how many of us even think about where it comes from, if we have enough, how it’s being used, or whether or not it’s clean?

Our beliefs and behavior reflects whether our outside world is sacred, mundane, or profane. You don’t have to go anywhere to be in sacred space. It’s all around you. Open your eyes. Treat the world as sacred as such and watch your world transform.

If you’re not in a place where you can see the sacred in a homeless person or the aftermath of a hurricane, read spiritual literature. Walk in nature. Go to a church or synagogue. Or come on a journey with us.

The more you tap into it, the easier it becomes to see it. Then you start to see it in unexpected places. Then one day you feel it in the every day moments of the morning sun streaming through the window as you drink your coffee.

Or maybe it hits you in the afternoon rush hour when a piece of rubbish blows in front of your path. When your eyes see the sacred, even the undesirable becomes a vehicle through which the Divine speaks.