New Home - Experiential Online Animism Class
Pan Society makes animism accessible to the modern person. You don't have to be the grandchild of a Cherokee princess or a Viking to be animist. Come as you are. Join us!
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New Home

Welcome to Our Experiential Animism Course!
pan society

Our goal is to make the modern animist lifestyle accessible to all. We focus on teaching modern animism as a practical, experiential, improvisational, and personal lifestyle that enhances both sovereignty and connection with the All-That-Is.

There is an explosive interest in animism, but unless you have indigenous ancestry, your opportunity for an inside track to what it’s like is  very limited. 

Your guides for this journey were born into animist families, but were reared in the west. So we have a foot in both worlds. We are not academics. We are not marketers who are selling our culture to the highest bidder. 

We remain true to our beliefs that animism belongs to everyone, and spirituality cannot be sold. 

Our approach to teaching is experiential. We will lead you through exercises and rituals and let you decide what it means to you. You will always be free to decide to accept, reject, or adapt what you learn to suit your own lifestyle.

We will teach you basic skills so that you can better discern what you are experiencing and how best to interpret and use it.

Animism has no dogma or rules. That can make it tough to know what to do. Additionally, life unfolds moment to moment. It’s always changing. So we will guide you to how to integrate the skills and experiences to live an improvisational animist life. 

Animism is a relational spiritual path. We promote sovereignty (know yourself, love yourself, and be yourself) and connection (share yourself) so that you can experience Oneness. If this speaks to you, please join us.