travel junkie

I admit it. I am a Gypsy at heart. I have a full fledged case of wanderlust. Palmists have told me it’s in my palm. It’s in my astrological chart. It’s just what I was born to do. You’ll get no apologies from me. That said, there is a line where too much of a good thing is no longer great. It’s possible to be a sacred travel junkie. Yep, it’s true. Here are some signs to let you know where you stand.

You Need More and More to Get That Same High of the First Great Trip

Is your travel becoming more frequent or more extreme? Do you have to get to even more remote places or stay in more extreme conditions before it feels good? Do you compare all other trips to that first, amazing experience? Do they all fail in comparison?

You Come Down Hard When You Get Home

Does being home feel like a big downer? Like life is happening “out there.” Do you feel less alive at home where your world is predictable, calm, and routine? Do you miss the noise, foreign smells, people, or isolation of spiritual travel? Do you dream about it?

You’ve Always Got a Trip on the Calendar

Is a trip always in the works? Do you not leave any downtime between adventures so that you can incorporate what you learned from the last one before doing another one?

You Have the Same Issues Now as in the Past

Did you spend time in an ashram to clear the same past life issue… three times? Or get a chakra cleansing for the same thing in Tibet, Machu Picchu, and near Stonehenge? Are you spending a lot of time and money trying to get answers for the same thing?

You Chase Bells and Whistles

Do spiritual “powers” impress you? Do you go to remote places to engage in obscure practices or learn techniques to enhance your spirituality? Is this your driving force?

The world is a big, beautiful, wonderful place. There is lots to explore. It would take more than one lifetime to see it all. When you’re chasing spirituality, you’re probably pushing it away. You may not be getting what you are looking for – even if it’s right in front of your face. Life is happening right here, right now, you see. You don’t have to be somewhere “out there” to live it. You can get everything you need to grow right here.

I admit that getting away from the same old same old helps. So does learning new things. If you’re not actually getting what you’re going for, it probably won’t help to keep chasing it. It takes time for new things to integrate into your every day life. If you’re always on tour, you could miss that process.

Everyone is spiritual. You don’t have to be psychic, feel energy, read minds or have any special “powers” to be spiritual. Being able to do something paranormal won’t make you more spiritual than someone else. There is no “more” in spirituality. We’re all spiritual. Some are just more aware of it than others, and that has nothing to do with “powers.”

If you’re feeling like a sacred travel junkie, slow down. Breathe. Sit with your feelings. Let the knowledge of what you are running from or running to come to you. Just be with it. That will be enough. When you stop fighting against it, it will give you what you need to get to the next step.

When you do your next trip, let yourself digest the experience. Savor it. Imagine that this is the one and only time you will ever have each moment so that you fully experience them. When it’s over, you will feel as if you’ve had enough. There will be no reason to return or chase because that feeling will be with you always. If your problems remain, you will know that this is not the best method for getting rid of them. Sacred travel is not the cure for all things after all.