love speak

Did you know that your inside is reflected on the outside every moment? I am not talking about your society’s standards of physical beauty.

I am talking about what you think of yourself and the world around you. If you step back and examine your language, you will see what’s inside. If you want to change it so that it’s loveliness and light, practice Love Speak.

Love Speak is using language to witness the beauty of life. It is a way to express gratitude for being part of all this wonder.

It can show up by slowing down and noticing the blossoming spring flowers and taking time to speak what you see to bring it into your consciousness and the world. Perhaps it is something as simple as “Wow, the wisteria smells amazing!” or “Thank you, flowers, for sharing your loveliness with us.”

Now you might think that people don’t speak like that, and you’d be right. That doesn’t mean you can’t. In a world where people miss what’s in front of them because they are busy taking selfies of life instead of living it, you can dare to be different. You can be present and experience life in all its glory. How? Here are some tips:

  • When you wake up in the morning, let your eyes rest on something – anything – and speak about what there is to love about it. For example, if your partner or child is asleep next to you, notice the way his hair swoops lovingly over his eyes. Mention it later.
  • When you step outside, take time to notice what you smell. Speak something positive about it. Perhaps you just notice the air quality shift from moving inside to outside. Or maybe there is a bakery near by or the flowers by your front door greet you with a welcome burst of perfume.
  • Find something others consider ugly or bad and breathe beauty into it. For example, if you hate weeds, learn something about the plants. Can they be eaten? Do they have medicinal properties? Can they be used as ornamentals? Does this make it easier to feel gratitude for their existence?
  • Embrace superlatives, but only if you can do so authentically. When someone asks you how you are doing, you could say something like, “I am walking on sunshine.” When you meet someone new, remark on the joy that they brought into your life by just being who they are. Go overboard. It will help you to feel all the love that sits there in potential. This isn’t an opportunity to lie, just to breathe life into what is already there.

Essentially love speak is about seeing the beauty in everything. When you see the light in a moment, a person, or a thing, it shines more brightly. Who doesn’t need more light in their lives?