Image by silviarita from Pixabay

In a world of instantaneous satisfaction, it can be hard to wait for things to ripen. Real life takes time. Let it unfold. We all have options. You can have a microwaved pizza ready to eat five minutes from the time you thought, “Hey, I’m hungry.” Or you can have a meal of real, healthy, nutrient rich food in forty five minutes. You can sit there trying to make a magic check appear tomorrow for your rent through the Law of Attraction. Or you can work a steady job, budget your money, and know that the money will be there.

Grounding into the Earth energy is about doing the daily practice of building a foundation, a life. Earth is what keeps us from blowing over in the storms. It keeps us connected to our family tree, Mother Earth, and all our plant and animal brothers. Earth is our baseline. It keeps us mentally and physically healthy. It is the element that allows us to sink down into sensuality to enjoy the pleasures of a material existence. If you are not nurturing your Earth, you’re limiting your aliveness. It’s like throwing away the gift of a human existence.

Earth moves slowly. Mountains are part of the earth. They take a long time to form and a long time to dissolve. This is the energy of savoring, of taking your time. So the next time you sit down to a meal, give yourself time to linger. Set the table. Talk. Have a glass of wine. Savor the flavors. Don’t eat standing up ready to rush off to the next thing.

The next time you are intimate, savor it. We tend to do this when relationships are new. We take time to discover and play, and then it becomes about getting to the big finish. Here is a clue for you.┬áThere is no finish line. There is no goal. At the end of life, we are all going to die. What matters is how we spend the moments in between. If we don’t take time to cultivate good soil, plant healthy seeds, nurture those seeds, reap the harvest, and enjoy the process, what have we truly created?

We are always in the process of becoming. Let one moment flow into the next. That’s all there is to do. You don’t have to control anything. Your inner awareness will take you where you are meant to be. If you go to fast, you will miss the sites and will have to circle back around again and again. So slow down. Let life take it’s time.