How to Awaken Love

Written by on February 7, 2021

Valentine’s Day is nearing, and love is on many people’s brain. If you don’t have it in your life, you may be wondering how to awaken love.

Love is the foundation of animist life at Pan Society. Love is what makes us all connected. Without it, life is a pretty sad and lonely place. So of course we want to nurture this within us and give it away. But how do you do that if love is a stranger? If you grew up without it, had toxic examples, or just had your heart broken one too many times, you may have a distorted view of love. Or not know what it is like at all.

Don’t worry. It’s embedded in your DNA. You were created with it. All you have to do is remember. So let’s go on that journey back in time.

Remember when you were just a wee baby. You held your hands up in wonder looking at them, turning them over, moving them, gazing at the lines in your skin. They fascinated you.

When you realized that you could make a spit bubble, you pursed your lips, blew, and felt the bubble grow. You laughed when the bubble burst and then did it all over again. Remember?

Now take that same childlike wonder that you were born with and turn it to the space around you. Wherever you are right now, look at it with those eyes. Let that same open-minded curiosity see everything without judgment or expectation. Let yourself be delighted.

Don’t stop with just the beautiful and obvious things like giant, perfumed flower blossoms. Delight in the small, shy, and ugly. Appreciate the dancing bumblebee, the hairy tarantula, the garbage spinning down the street in the wind, the smell of toast, and the soiled alcoholic who is asleep in the doorway. These are the things that life is made out of. These are the building blocks of poetry.

See this magic being woven all around you. Love it. Bless it with your eyes. When you do that long enough, love will live within you. It will spill from your cracks so that your light shines so brightly. You won’t be able to help yourself from giving it away. If someone tries to take it away or put it out, you can say with ease, “That’s okay. I have more.”

Love is you. It can’t be separated from you. All you have to do is remember.

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