How to Ask Spirit for an Incredible Song

Written by on October 4, 2020

There are times in our lives when words won’t cut it. We need a song.

When shared, songs can be a way to unite people in ritual, emotion, or community. We can share grief, loss, healing, or celebrations though music and words.

Songs can capture the mood of a moment.

The simplest songs are not particularly melodic and have no words, but they speak the language of the Soul. They help us to hear ourselves, connect, and reach into the Darkness where symbols go deeper than words. Or into the Otherworld where we can speak to creatures of the nonhuman realm.

When you need something dynamic, something deeply meaning, it’s often a good idea to ask Spirit for that song. How? Here are some easy tips.

Set Your Intention

What do you need a song for? Do you want to give gratitude to the morning sun? Ask for healing? Find an answer? Express your emotions? Send off a loved one to the Otherworld?

Being clear on what you are asking for is always a great first step. Clear intentions yield useful responses. If you simply ask for help, I don’t know if you want a hamburger, to have your driveway cleared, or need someone to listen to your troubles. Be specific. It helps you and your helpers.

Go Into a Meditative State

I see a lot of people who say they can’t meditate. We can all meditate. It’s natural. We do it every day – some more than others. It just may not be intentional or for very long. If you want to be able to speak to Spirit, it’s useful to cultivate this skill so that you can do it quickly, easily, and purposefully whenever you want.

How you do that is up to you. Some sit still and breathe. Some do it while dancing. Drumming is an easy tool. Maybe you prefer moving meditations like walking, tai chi, yoga, or qigong. It doesn’t matter how you get there. It just matters that you are there.

A still mind creates a doorway to liminal space where contact with Spirit is possible. We live here. They live there. Without this doorway, very little can happen.

Appeal to a Spirit Who Can Help

If you want help with a human problem, it’s probably most effective to ask an ancestor or a god(dess). Humans understand human issues better than the Earth, your spirit animal, or the trees. Your ancestors are more closely related to you and may be impacted by the outcome, so they are more invested in helping you.

If you don’t have a relationship with the Sky, medicinal plants, or crystals, their ability to help you will be diminished because you won’t know whom to ask. It pays to get to know your fellow creatures. A spirit cannot give what it doesn’t have, so it’s no use asking Air to give you stability.

Turn On Your Inner Child

The Inner Child is disciplined out of many of us in favor of logic. Logic is “safe” and makes sense. Unfortunately, we cannot access magic from this left brained, logical place.You won’t hear the voice of Spirit if you are listening with your brain. You have to listen with your heart. Let your Inner Child play, and you will hear the music from the other side.

What you “hear” may be full songs, fragments, or just sounds. It may not be auditory at all. You may get visions or feelings that are up to you to put into sounds or words. Many indigenous people have legends, prophecies, gifts, rituals, and songs that were received in this way. You can do this too.

Record It

Anything that I receive from Spirit is easily lost. If you want to be able to recall it once you return to the apparent world, you have to record it. If it’s words, you may want to write them down. If it’s sounds, record them. For visuals, you may wish to draw or paint what you saw.

Everything isn’t meant to last forever or be shared. Sometimes what you get is just meant for that moment. Your heart will tell you. I have many songs that were sang only once. That’s okay. It’s not necessarily about capturing or preserving the moment, only experiencing it.


The young can do this easily and often with just one practice session. For those of us who are reared in the west and are of a more intellectual bent, this may require lots of practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Trying less and letting go of expectations and judgments helps a lot. Don’t worry if your song is plain, repetitive, not melodious, common, etc. Just sing. It may be that that’s how your songs will always be. If so, that’s okay. They are yours. And that’s perfect.

Has Spirit given you an incredible song? Share it in our comments below.

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