Hearing the Call of the Drum

Written by on October 18, 2020

All life is energy. Everything resonates. When we drum mindfully, we move out of our every day awareness and into the flow of life. It’s easier to connect to our spiritual essence, our inner truth, and the Otherworld. This is why we listen for the call of the drum. Let’s take a look at how drumming can help you.

Drumming Enhances Brain Health

Whether you are actually drumming or just listening to it, drumming enhances brain health. The sound synchronizes the right and left hemispheres and makes your intuition and overall awareness stronger. It also creates new neural pathways that can heal damaged or under developed brains and make healthy brains even healthier.

Improves Mood

Drumming can produce feelings of euphoria that can break people out of depression. Even if you don’t get high, almost everyone can feel calmer after drumming for even short periods of time. It may seem counterintuitive that something so active can make you relaxed, but it does.

Helps Alleviate Pain

The happy feelings that you get come from endorphins. Endorphins not only lift your mood, they temporarily short circuit pain naturally. It’s totally correct to call drumming nature’s pain killer.

Creates a Sense of Connection

When you’re drumming with others, the rhythm creates a sense of bonding with whomever is within range of the beat. It’s as if your hearts all sync up to the same vibration and touch each other. If the vibe is positive, this feels really good indeed.  (That’s why it’s good to know who is in your circle before you circle with them).

What’s even cooler than that is that this sense of connection goes further than just people. It extends to the trees, Earth, stars, ancestors, everything around you. So, it’s a super easy way to increase your awareness of, and connection to, the Universe. Since we’re all vibrational beings, this makes total sense. Ancient cultures around the world have used drumming to express joy, sorrow, and to reach out to the Spirit realm.

Brings You Into Present Moment Awareness

Lots of people say they can’t meditate. They are too much in their heads and have too much chatter. Drumming is the perfect practice for them because everyone can do this. The sound removes all distractions so you can be right here. “Here” is the perfect place to see into your blind spots, solve problems, gain insight, and release negativity.

Boosts Creativity

Anytime you play with anything, your creativity soars. Playing is about trying out new things, thinking outside of the box, and taking chances. This crosses over into other areas of your life and makes your problem solving and ability to have fun just better.

So, you’re convinced that drumming is good for your every day life and animist practice. But how do you bring this into your life? Here are some tips.

  1. Find tribal musical tracks or techno music with easily defined drum beats that you can listen to, play along with, or dance to. Steady, fast rhythms generally produce the benefits above more reliably. If the drum is lost underneath other instruments, the music may be too distracting for you to pay attention to the drum.
  2. Get a drum and boogie! It doesn’t matter what kind of drum it is, but a frame drum (circular with a single drum head and makes only one tone), goblet (shaped like a goblet, has a single head and makes various tones), or a tongue drum (tones are produced from slits cut into it and has many tones) are probably going to be the easiest to play. Find a Youtube tutorial to get acquainted with your drum basics and then play. They are pretty easy to figure out. Just let your heart tell you what to do. A rattle works well too.
  3. Play around with your drum until you find your signature rhythm. Use this to call the spirits, go into trance, feel your feelings, or do whatever you want to do. It’s your soul song. Don’t worry if it’s not traditionally melodic or soulful. There really are no “supposed tos” in drumming. (I know some people want their drum circles to be very synchronized and harmonious, but some cultures’ drum circles are rather cacophonous. Do what works for you. It’s all good).
  4. Use your drum as your personal assistant. Need answers? Want to strengthen your connection to Spirit, an ancestors, your feminine energy? Need healing? Want a chill pill? Whatever it is, your drum can probably assist. Just start drumming and ask for what you want. Then play until you get it. The drum rarely lets us down.
  5. Sometimes the drum will call to you if you have a relationship with it. It’s a universal language. Spirit can use this to speak to you too. So listen.

Do you use the drum in your animist practice? How? Share! I’d love to hear about it.

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