Getting Unplugged

Written by on February 8, 2020

My tours don’t have any rules about being unplugged. Yet it’s funny that, except for maybe a few minutes in the morning or at night, almost everyone unplugs. If you ask me, that adds to the magic.

We live in  world that is so overstimulated. There is always music, the internet, the tv, or someone talking all day long. Lights of every color shine everywhere. Something or someone is always vying for attention.

The brain is always firing. It’s so accustomed to constant intensity that it no longer registers pleasure unless something huge happens.

And that is what most people are chasing. The next big high. The gigantic spiritual experience. It’s like an addiction.

There is another way. Unplug.

Unplug from the noise, superficial conversations, overcrowded sites, traffic, and bucket lists. Let go of the expectations, show off pictures, and social media highlight reel. Go somewhere quiet that isn’t on any “best of” list. Put your feet up. Drink some wine. Read a book, and don’t tell a soul.

When you’re quiet, your brain relearns how to delight in the small things. It delights in the birds greeting the morning with their songs. You can feel your heart quicken when a deer you inadvertently sneak up on darts away with a squeal. You notice the change in colors as the sun moves across the sky and wonder why you never see that at home.

It’s the small wonders that help you fall in love with life again. They open your heart to laughter again. Moments like these reminds you that the little things in life are precious. So you take time to savor them.

When life is about work, rushing, doing, deadlines, and check lists, the distractions can become our lives. We disconnect and become disenchanted.

So unplug. For a day, a weekend, or a whole vacation. Live your life for a change. Don’t you owe it to yourself to be here?


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