I sometimes hear people say that they want to get “more” spiritual. Or sometimes they talk about how they are more spiritual than someone else. You can’t get “more” spiritual. That would be like saying that you’re more pregnant than someone else. Spirituality is something that we all have to the same degree. Some of us are just more aware of it than others.

If you’re judging yourself or others by external signs of spirituality, you are missing the boat.¬†Outward signs like being vegan, reading inspirational books, taking classes, doing yoga, or speaking with moderate tones have nothing to do with inner peace or connectedness. A meat eater who never reads and doesn’t exercise could be more connected than someone who does all those things. Spirituality is a state of being. It has nothing to do with what you are thinking or doing.

Going through tough times isn’t necessarily a sign of spiritual awakening either. Tough times are a part of life. If we are talking about physical symptoms, it could be a sign of dis-ease that is manifesting in the body. So go see your acupuncturist or naturopath!

You’re already spiritual. It’s part of your nature. You don’t have to do anything to be “more” of it. If you want to access it, maybe the best thing to do is to do less. Do No-thing. When you are doing No-thing, you create space to be present. When you are right here, it’s easier to feel what is outside. And what is outside? Spirituality! Everything is spiritual in nature. Being present also helps you feel what’s¬†inside. And guess what is inside? Your spiritual nature.

Another way to connect to it is through being in nature. Nature is always far more balanced than people. The Law of Resonance says that when two things of a like nature are near each other, the weaker one will follow the vibration of the stronger one. Nature is always stronger than we puny humans, so we begin to resonate with nature when we are out in it. So we just chill out. The air has more negative (healthy) ions than inside air. That also makes us feel better.

A third way to connect is finding someone or something to love. What humans describe as love almost always isn’t. It’s lust or conditional love. (Conditional love is expressed when the object of the love is being or doing what the lover approves of). Loving a living thing creates that sensation within your heart. Once it’s there, it’s easier for it to extend to other living things. Love creates connection. Connection is what allows us to be aware of our spirituality.