sacred travel

Have you ever wondered what to expect from a sacred travel journey? What might happen? Every trip is different. Every person is different. There are some commonalities to pilgrimage. If you know what to expect, you can get the most out of your experience.

Energy Shifts

The law of resonance says that things of a like nature take on the energetic vibration of the stronger element. For example, if you place a violin near a piano and strike the D key of the piano, the violin’s D string will begin to vibrate.

If you walk into a church, you can sometimes feel like you are on hallowed ground. When you walk into a hostile workplace, you might feel that negative energy. If you walk into a place that is rumored to be haunted, you might get the creeps. All these things are signs that resonance is in play.

With sacred travel, it tends to be more subtle. You may feel like singing, creating, or praying. Your libido may perk up. You may feel more energized and bold. Maybe you feel more or less talkative. You will probably feel more alive and balanced.

Mood Shifts

It may not be all roses and song. You may experience mood shifts. You may feel your feelings more.

This means that if there is unprocessed sadness, grief, jealousy, or disappointment inside you, this may come out. It may happen in slow leaks or huge waves. Then you flow back into your happy space.


It’s common to get new ways of seeing things. Maybe this means that you re-envision your career. It could be that you get back in touch with a dream you set aside.

Perhaps you create something – a song, poem, line of clothing, or a family. The energy can shift you out of your habits so the blocks you’ve created lift. Consequently, things start to flow again.


There are many things that take us away from our center. Spiritual travel can bring us back. It can get us away from distractions so that we can see who we are. We feel our inner desires, know our strengths, remember our love, and appreciate our beauty. We can feel that zest for life again.


Every day life can be so busy. So many things demand your time and attention. When you experience sacred travel, you can slow down. That naturally creates connection with your inner self, others, spirit, and the universe. When you’re plugged in, you feel supported, peaceful, hopeful, and more sure of your place in the world.

You May See Your Stuff

Spiritual travel is a great way to see what is inside of you. You may think something was resolved a long time ago and come face to face with it again. You may find patterns emerging that seem to scream, “Are you going to deal with this now or later?”

People or circumstances may bring out your worse side. Be aware that it’s not about them. It’s about you. If you want to change it, change the way you see it or change the way you respond to it. For example, if the pace of life seems irritatingly slow, take it as a sign that you need to slow down.

Then go with the flow. If you feel oppressed by the heat, noise, dirt, or something else, maybe it’s a sign that you are not as open, mindful, accepting, or peaceful as you think you are.¬†Whatever it is, when you let your world be about you, you always have the power to change it so you never feel overwhelmed or out of control.


Most of the things I’ve talked about are welcome and positive, but there is balance to all things. You may feel more irritated too. You may cling to the way things were. Some people¬†want what they’ve always known.

You may feel the urge to push their mood swings away. Some may feel like they don’t deserve their happiness. Sometimes people may not want to make the changes they need to step into the person they truly are and take this experience home with them. They make it an annual pilgrimage – a place to visit. However you do it is okay.


You can do your spiritual journeying alone. When you go with a group, you have the support of the facilitator and the group. There are people there who understand what you experienced because they were there. Perhaps they went through the same thing. You can’t tell a story that has no words to someone who wasn’t there. Some things are just meant to be felt.

And sometimes you fall apart. Sometimes things are meant to do that so that you can start fresh. Support allows you to do that in a way that doesn’t break you.

Think of the sacred travel journey as time spent in a chrysalis. Lots of changes are happening. Change is sometimes painful. Sometimes it is exquisite. It’s just a phase along the journey.

To really let it mean something, you have to bring that new energy into the world by taking it home with you. Have courage. Don’t leave it in the land where you found it. Don’t let it rest on the pages of a journal or in photos. Break out of the cocoon and let it live. Life is a process. Let it unfold.