Embarking on the Animist Quest

Written by on February 18, 2021

The problem with embarking on an animist quest is that there are no directions, no guides. It’s a personal journey that can start at birth, after a crisis, from a dream, or any time at all. No one path will look like another because it’s a passionate cry from the heart to return to your roots. It’s a call to belong to the All-That-Is once again.

And when you hear it, it can’t be denied. The forest beckons to you. The stars stir something powerful within that must be heeded. The smell of salt spray lures you away from computer screens, neon, and noisy offices and into the Wild. It wants us to trade the hum of traffic for the gurgling of a spring, and the artificial pine smell of cleaners for crisp, authentic sap. The soul yearns for reunion.

Maybe your path is about ambling down green lanes on the weekends. Maybe it’s about getting your hands dirty and creating edible landscapes in your backyard. You could be more of an intellectual lover who falls in love with the myths of your ancestors. Or maybe your path is one of smoky incense and prayers.

It could be a straight and unvaried experience or one that moves in circles and pauses. Whatever you are called to do, let your heart lead. It knows the way, even if your mind has forgotten. The voices of your ancestors will keep you rooted and strong and take you where you need to go.

The path may be dark and spooky at times. The best quests usually are. Those scary twists and turns make for the most growth and the best stories, so don’t let the unknown deter you. Let it purify you and strengthen you. After all, if you wanted the safe and comfortable route through life, you wouldn’t be on this path.

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