Ladies, Embody the Divine Feminine

Written by on February 17, 2017

Ladies, it’s time to throw off the yoke of patriarchy and live your divine feminine! The world is a sick place. We embraced freedom without responsibility or boundaries, and we now live in a world where we take what we want without regard for how it impacts others.

Consequently, we have a society where children disrespect their parents, the elderly are uncared for, the earth is polluted and raped of her resources, and everyone feels isolated and alone. Enough! The way forward is for women to remember and live their divine essence. We are the creators. We are the nurturers. When we take our rightful place in society, the children and men will follow. How?

Stop Trying to Be a Man

All creatures have masculine and feminine energy; however, we’re still only one gender. Masculine energy and feminine energy are compliments. They work together to form a whole. Western women are judged by masculine energies: power, strength, analytical, rational, assertive, hardness. If we aren’t working in male dominated fields and holding male ideals, we are failures. Creating and nurturing art, life, and ourselves is seen as a waste of time.

It’s time to change the script! When you value who you are and are true to your nature, you give others the permission to do the same. Soon we will have a society where the feminine is appreciated again.

Love Your Body

Modern society pushes two female bodies on us: the thin, whispy runway model and the curvy, youthful bikini model. If we’re not boyish or sex symbols, we’re nothing. The apples and pears amongst us are rejects. It’s time to reject that too. Women come in all shapes and sizes. When you stop trying to give yourself genetics that you don’t have, you can love the body that you are in.

But loving your body is more than that. Did you know that PMS isn’t inevitable? Did you know that menopause doesn’t have to include insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness? When your body is having these types of reactions to menstruation, it’s out of balance. You’re either not eating well, not resting well, you’re engaging in negativity, are too stressed, or are not in tune with your body’s and nature’s rhythm. Listen to your body. Respect your body. Love your body.

Honor Other Women

How many of you were bullies or were bullied in school? How many of you saw someone else being bullied and did nothing to stop it? Most of us fit into one or more of those categories. Kids are killing themselves now because the bullying is unbearable. It’s not like it was in my day when people would forget about it in a couple of days. If someone posts a picture or video, it goes viral and the humiliation lasts forever.

This doesn’t stop when we get out of high school. Women are each other’s worst enemies. The jealousy and cattiness is out of control. Stop cheating with unavailable men. Make peace with your mother. Stop being jealous of your co-worker. Love your sisters! Love your mother, aunts, and grandmothers. They are goddesses! They are the creators of life, just like you. If you don’t love them, how are you going to love yourself?

Honor Sex

The younger generation is a hook up society. Sex has absolutely no value. It’s something people do to gratify themselves. Their partners are just vessels, like wild animals. Be a canine. Canines do not allow just any animal to mate. Only the alpha male and female mates. This ensures that the pack has the best genetics and best chance for survival. Males are strong protectors and providers. Females are confident, independent, healthy, nurturers who go a good job of controlling resources.

Ladies, the most important decision you will ever make is to who have kids with. Your children’s father will shape their lives forever. And their children. And their children. When you take a man into your body, you take in his spirit. This is sacred. Before you lay with someone, ask yourself, do I want this person’s spirit in my energy field?

If you have low self-esteem and need someone to complete you, fill yourself up. Be an alpha. Choose an alpha. This isn’t to say that you have to be monogamous, wait for marriage, or dictate how you live your sexual life. It’s just saying that when you choose to keep sex sacred, you honor yourself, your partner, any children you create, as well as society.

Engage in Rituals to Connect with the Divine Feminine

Ritual is an important part of life that has gone by the wayside for many people in modern society. Even when we go engage in it, like with bathing or praying before a meal, we do it with so little consciousness that it becomes meaningless. Engaging in regular ritual to connect with the divine feminine reminds you to live in tune with your body. It gives you a way to check in with yourself. It reminds you that you are reflected in the earth, moon, and other female creatures in creation.

Be Where You Are

The cycles of womanhood are maiden, mother, crone. The maiden is youth. She represents enchantment, inception, expansion, the promise of new beginnings, birth, and naivete. As she’s not yet started menstruating, she often serves the mother.

The mother is a caretaker. She is fertility, sexuality, fulfilment, stability, power, life, and ripening. The crone is wisdom, repose, death, and endings. As she is no longer menstruating, she maintains her blood power and is thus seen as the strongest and wisest of the three.

While these are the cycles of womanhood, we don’t all go through them. Some of us are perpetual maidens. Some are born crones. Be who you are. Be where you are. Embrace the journey. You can only learn and grow when you are present where you are.

Share the Love

If you are a wise elder, share what you know with the younger generation. If you are still finding your way, seek out those elders. Modern society doesn’t have elders anymore. We outsource everything. The mechanic fixes our car. Our pastor takes care of our spiritual needs. Our therapist takes care of our mental health. The doctor provides for our medical needs, and on and on. What happened to taking care of ourselves? What happened to the family and community taking care of its own? When we are strong individuals who share the love and rely on each other, we will have a society that is more connected and less lonely. We all have a place in the fabric of life. Step up. Embody the divine feminine.

Where the women go, the men will follow. We all need you. If you want to meet other Wild Women like you or become a Wild Woman, check out our Wild Woman Facebook group.

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