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Pan Society makes animism accessible to the modern person. You don't have to be the grandchild of a Cherokee princess or a Viking to be animist. Come as you are. Join us!
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Three Keys to Wholeness: Love, Service, and Wisdom

People have been searching for wholeness for a long time. In recent years the trends for finding it have been through rebellion, escaping through drugs and alcohol, pursuing success (buying things and gaining titles), and living your passion. The key has never been, and never will be, somewhere out there. It's always inside. You don't need a guru to find it. You don't need years of practice to obtain it. I will give you the three keys to wholeness right now. They are love, service, and wisdom. Love Unfortunately, we have a lot of ideas about what love is that have nothing to do with love. We confuse it with obsession, possession, insecurity, jealousy and other things that aren't particularly lovely then blame love when it hurts. Love is none of those things. Love...

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love about egypt

10 Things to Love About Egypt

Most lists of top things to love about Egypt focus on her destinations. There are definitely fabulous sites in Egypt. It's a land that is as fascinating today as its been throughout the ages. However, what draws me to Egypt is her energy. Here are my top picks for what to love about Egypt. The Energy Those who say that New York is the city that never sleeps have never been to Cairo. There is always a million things going on, and it always feels so alive. Whether it's the middle of a busy afternoon, Friday prayers, or 2 a.m. overlooking the Nile, Egypt has a buzz of anticipation, action, and potential that is simply invigorating. You can't not feel it. The People The people are so warm and wonderful. They smile freely. It's...

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Thirteen Signs That You’re Having an Awakening

What does awakening look like? Would you know if it happened to you? If you are feeling a little loopy and are not sure what's going on, you could be in the midst of an awakening. Here are thirteen signs to let you know for sure. Feeling Not Yourself Remember what it felt like to fall in love for the first time? Things were awakening in you that you didn't know existed? You had all these feelings? This confusion? That's a bit like what this "not yourself" feeling feels like. Maybe you feel bits of your old self popping up mixed with something that you aren't really sure what it is because it's so new. This is the feeling of becoming. Things are stirred up. When they settle, you won't be who you...

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The “Ah” Effect of Caving

In all my years as a spiritual traveler, I've never seen anything written about spiritual caving. I find this strange because even if you are completely unaware of the history of a site, just leaving behind the noise and familiarity of "civilization" brings you closer to center - both the center of the earth and your own center. So why wouldn't you go to the dark side to find the light? There is an ah effect of caving, after all. As you begin your descent, there is a small threshold where the energies of the upper world and lower world meet and mingle. The almighty sunlight, which is king above, has little power here. Its penetrating powers are quickly lost and all light disappears. Deep underground, you cannot see your hand in front of your...

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Why The “A La Carte” Version of Spirituality Doesn’t Work

The modern view of spirituality is often to take a little of this and a little of that and mash it all together to create something that works for you. It's like ordering a la carte. Add a pinch of Christianity, plus a dash of Buddhism, some Indian chanting, and a little bit of aboriginal ritual thrown in, and voila! Instant personal relationship with spirit. This appeals to the western mind because it mirrors our cultural values. We've thrown off the yolk of oppression. We believe we are free to do whatever we want. Cultural, societal, economic, and religious boundaries don't exist for us. We are free to choose who we want to be. Everybody has the same opportunity to make their lives whatever they want. It's all about the Law of Attraction. Not! That's...

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Why You Can’t Get “More” Spiritual

I sometimes hear people say that they want to get "more" spiritual. Or sometimes they talk about how they are more spiritual than someone else. You can't get "more" spiritual. That would be like saying that you're more pregnant than someone else. Spirituality is something that we all have to the same degree. Some of us are just more aware of it than others. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kDso5ElFRg[/embed] If you're judging yourself or others by external signs of spirituality, you are missing the boat. Outward signs like being vegan, reading inspirational books, taking classes, doing yoga, or speaking with moderate tones have nothing to do with inner peace or connectedness. A meat eater who never reads and doesn't exercise could be more connected than someone who does all those things. Spirituality is a state of being....

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Beware the Plastic Shaman!

I know it's not politically correct to say what I am about to say, but say it I must. "Beware the plastic shaman!" What is a plastic shaman? A plastic shaman is a person who represents him or herself as a traditional spiritual leader without the tradition, culture, or knowledge to back it up. Like moths to a flame, broken, desperate, or even just curious people are attracted to the light. The ease of entry to rituals, ceremonies, classes, and retreats can make them an irresistible draw. Before you plunk down your money, here are some things to think about. Is this a plastic shaman? Did the person pay for their skills from workshops and classes? Most medicine people from animistic cultures were chosen for this work. There are different ways that...

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vortex hunting

What to Know Before You Go Vortex Hunting

What is a vortex? A vortex is a naturally occurring swirl of energy that spins around a central axis. Tornadoes and water spiraling down a drain are typical examples. These usually pop up spontaneously and end when the energy runs out. The type of energy vortex that is connected with spiritual sites may open up without warning. However, there are some that are stable and simply spin in the same location without dissipating. Where can I find a vortex? If you are feeling adventurous, you can go vortex hunting by just walking around an area that has a mystical feel to it. Or if you want more predictable results Vortex Hunters has a list of known or suspected stable vortices around the world. There is probably one near you. How do you know you're...

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Four Questions to Know Where You Lost Your Mojo

Lost your mojo and you're not sure how or where? If you’re life is not right somehow, and you don’t know how to get back on track, as these four questions to figure out where you lost it and how to get it back. Ready? when did you stop dancing? when did you stop singing your song? when did you stop telling your story? when did you stop enjoying stillness? You might be thinking, "Man, I am a grown up. What does this have to do with making money, being inspired, and living my purpose?" These are universal ways of living your joy. They show self care, other love, and inner peace. When you lose your desire or ability to engage in these things, you lose a part of your soul. This might seem...

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to be

To Be or Not to Be

I travel often and take others on spiritual journeys. Every tour is rejuvenating. Every experience provides growth. Every one helps me to feel both more grounded and connected with everything else. There is always a theme. Usually I decide ahead of time and set that intention. With this last trip I didn’t do that, and I didn’t realize what the last trip was about until a client said to me, “I wish I had spent my childhood learning how to be.” That’s exactly what we did – we experienced what it was like to be. Everyone has a choice about whether they are going to be or not to be. I don’t mean in the Hamlet sense. I am not talking about contemplating suicide. I am talking about whether or not...

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