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Pan Society makes animism accessible to the modern person. You don't have to be the grandchild of a Cherokee princess or a Viking to be animist. Come as you are. Join us!
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go simple and deep

Go Simple and Deep

It doesn't take a scholar to understand animism. In fact, I would say that the more wordy and intellectual you get, the further away you go from understanding it. After all, it's been the spiritual path for pre-literate societies for millennia. So, if you want to have a deep knowing of animism, go simple and deep. Here's what I mean. Mindfully look at a nautilus. What do you see? Now look deeper. Now what do you see? How do you feel? Can you connect to the essence or the story of the nautilus? What about a tree ring? Do you sense its story, its path, or its essence? What about the face of a child or an elder? Everything has truth in it. Your whole life could be revealed in a dream, a raindrop,...

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Learning From Water

A spiritual quest is often a process of remembering what we've forgotten. Trees, foxes, sharks, and moss don't forget what they are. Nature is within them in all their wild existence. They don't lose their way, impersonate other creatures (unless they are phasmids and that is their nature), hurry life, or apologize for not being good enough. They just are. If we want to remember what we've forgotten, we need to be like them. It's not complicated. Let's take a look. Learning from the Water Do you live near water? Go to the water's edge. Watch how it laps the shore. Sometimes it's soft and lazy. Sometimes it's furious and destructive. In some places it washes soil down stream. In others it deposits it. Water nurtures everything. Creatures come to drink it. Some...

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fall in love, stay there

How to Fall in Love and Stay There

Rumi said, "Fall in love. Stay there." But how? How can anyone accomplish that? Here are some suggestions. Read Khalil Gibran's On Love Every Day for Thirty Days  If you're going to fall in love, you really need to know a little something about what love is. You need to erase the fairy tale notion that love is about being swept off your feet, sitting back and eating bon bons for the rest of your life. It's rough, emotional, heart wrenching, and destructive. It's also insanely vivifying. Taking on love takes immense courage. Each time you read this poem, let yourself imagine one of the spokes on that journey. Even the hard ones. Yearn for it. Welcome it. Choose It Now that you know what love is, choose it. Choose to let it come into...

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spiritual awakening

How to Keep Growing After a Spiritual Awakening

If an awakening is exponential growth in a short period of time where the doors blow off your previous understanding of the world, how do you keep growing after a spiritual awakening? By adopting mindfulness. To me, this is also the practice of animism. Animism is engaging in life the way that it is, in this moment. Not as an observer, but a participant. It's a romance with the sun, your bed, the fog, your family, and your partner. It's walking a slack line between being you and being a part of a community. If you do this every day, you won't fall asleep. And if you don't fall asleep, there is no need to awaken. Every day offers newness. For example, I have been walking down by a stream in the...

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Five Ways to Shield Yourself From Negative Energy

Everyone has energy that extends beyond the physical body. The brain energy field can be detected a few inches away. The heart energy field can be measured up to six feet away! Imagine what can happen when someone to your right is upset about a health issue, the person to your left is sick and tired, and several other people in the room are also low for one reason or another. How do you think this energy will impact you? What if one of these people has an active dislike for you? Or if there are dark spirits in the area? Fortunately, we don't have just passively accept whatever is in the environment. We can shield ourselves and strengthen our auras so outside energy doesn't impact us. Here's how. Create an Energy Shield This is...

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how to tell people you're an animist

Coming Out as an Animist

If you are a convert to animism, sooner of later you are going to have to tell people you're an animist. If your family, friends, or lover isn't open minded, it may not be the easiest conversation to have. Here are some tips to make coming out as an animist easier. Pick Your Moment As with all tough conversations, it's a good idea to pick your moment. You want to have this talk when the other person is relaxed,  receptive, and in a good space to hear you. The worst times is when either of you are hungry, angry, distracted, or tired. So pick your moment. Timing is really important. Know Your Goal Why are you having this conversation? What do you hope to gain? Be clear on your intention beforehand. This will help...

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idol worship

Selling God: An Animist View of Idolatry

While browsing eBay, I came across a listing for a god. A god! How do you sell a god? I am sure that the seller thought it was a quaint, backwoods, third world souvenir, but to the household that has a relationship with that god, it's life. It's sacred. It's not something that can be sold for decoration. If you want to understand this, you have to step out of the western world view. In the Judeo-Christian world, idols are a no-no. The third commandment in the Bible says, "You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in the heavens above, the earth below, or the water beneath. You shall now bow down to them or worship them." We also...

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call of the drum

Hearing the Call of the Drum

All life is energy. Everything resonates. When we drum mindfully, we move out of our every day awareness and into the flow of life. It's easier to connect to our spiritual essence, our inner truth, and the Otherworld. This is why we listen for the call of the drum. Let's take a look at how drumming can help you. Drumming Enhances Brain Health Whether you are actually drumming or just listening to it, drumming enhances brain health. The sound synchronizes the right and left hemispheres and makes your intuition and overall awareness stronger. It also creates new neural pathways that can heal damaged or under developed brains and make healthy brains even healthier. Improves Mood Drumming can produce feelings of euphoria that can break people out of depression. Even if you don't get high,...

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how to ask spirit for a song

How to Ask Spirit for an Incredible Song

There are times in our lives when words won't cut it. We need a song. When shared, songs can be a way to unite people in ritual, emotion, or community. We can share grief, loss, healing, or celebrations though music and words. Songs can capture the mood of a moment. The simplest songs are not particularly melodic and have no words, but they speak the language of the Soul. They help us to hear ourselves, connect, and reach into the Darkness where symbols go deeper than words. Or into the Otherworld where we can speak to creatures of the nonhuman realm. When you need something dynamic, something deeply meaning, it's often a good idea to ask Spirit for that song. How? Here are some easy tips. Set Your Intention What do you need a song for?...

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Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Getting Unplugged

My tours don't have any rules about being unplugged. Yet it's funny that, except for maybe a few minutes in the morning or at night, almost everyone unplugs. If you ask me, that adds to the magic. We live in  world that is so overstimulated. There is always music, the internet, the tv, or someone talking all day long. Lights of every color shine everywhere. Something or someone is always vying for attention. The brain is always firing. It's so accustomed to constant intensity that it no longer registers pleasure unless something huge happens. And that is what most people are chasing. The next big high. The gigantic spiritual experience. It's like an addiction. There is another way. Unplug. Unplug from the noise, superficial conversations, overcrowded sites, traffic, and bucket lists. Let go of the...

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