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visit peru

What to Know Before You Visit Peru

Ah, Peru. I've been all around the world, and read about Peru before taking my first trip, but nothing prepares you for the real thing. Still, it is better to have some idea before embarking on your journey so here are some need-to-know ideas that will help you prepare for to visit Peru. *Peru has three regions: the jungle, the Andes, and the coast. Spiritual travelers are going to focus on the Andes, so this article really pertains to that area only. Never Stop Altitude Sickness Prevention You're going to get sick. Just factor that in. Seventy-five percent of people get altitude sickness at heights over 10,000 feet. That's just about everyone and just about everywhere unless you stay coastal or in the jungle. So, what do you do? Stay hydrated. Take it...

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Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Getting Unplugged

My tours don't have any rules about being unplugged. Yet it's funny that, except for maybe a few minutes in the morning or at night, almost everyone unplugs. If you ask me, that adds to the magic. We live in  world that is so overstimulated. There is always music, the internet, the tv, or someone talking all day long. Lights of every color shine everywhere. Something or someone is always vying for attention. The brain is always firing. It's so accustomed to constant intensity that it no longer registers pleasure unless something huge happens. And that is what most people are chasing. The next big high. The gigantic spiritual experience. It's like an addiction. There is another way. Unplug. Unplug from the noise, superficial conversations, overcrowded sites, traffic, and bucket lists. Let go of the...

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sustainable spiritual travel

Sustainable Spiritual Travel

Nature has a carrying capacity. The western, modern way of dealing with that is to take from the "haves" to give to the "have nots." For example, if one area doesn't have enough water to support the population in, they bring more in. If there are too many wolves in the area for human safety, they shoot them. If tour companies want to grow, they build more hotels and roads. This is not sustainable spiritual travel. If we are to be good stewards of the earth, we can't participate in this. We have to find other ways to feed our inner yearning. Going out isn't working anymore when there are crowds, long lines, destruction of natural habitat and local culture. The price is too high. So, perhaps we need to go...

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Machu Picchu

A Gift From Machu Picchu

Sacred travel isn't just about seeing spiritual places. Sometimes it is just about being in communion with nature and allowing the high vibrational energy to work its magic. That's what happened for me at Machu Picchu. I'd been to Machu Picchu before. It's stunning. When the clouds parted to reveal the picturesque ruins, it took my breath away. I couldn't stop looking at the view! The sun rays looked like they were blessing the earth. Absolutely mesmerizing. ...

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amazon jungle

Rain in the Amazon Jungle

Oh, there is nothing so wild and wonderful as rain in the Amazon jungle. It's a rainforest. You'd expect to see rain there - lots of it. But last season they said they only got two months of rain. Fewer trees means less rain. So when it started raining in May, a month after rainy season was supposed to have ended, it was a heavenly delight. The air suddenly changed. It became thicker with the essence of life, as if the plants were opening their pores to receive the life giving water. Each morning, the leaves from the trees dripped with so much humidity that it sounded like it was raining. So how could the forest be so thirsty? How could it drink it all up so hungrily? Yet it did. Rain...

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high after pilgrimage

How to Hold On the the High After Pilgrimage

If you’re a sacred travel junkie, you know the routine. You go somewhere amazing and have an absolutely transformative experience, then you get home and feel like you a fish out of water. What happened? Who are you now? Why is this life so ill fitting all of a sudden? How can you hold on to the high after pilgrimage? The only option available seems like you just have to go again. Maybe there is another way. Let’s take a look. Be Present One of the things that makes pilgrimage so amazing is that most people are mindful and present so they see things in a different light. How you do anything is how you do everything. If you simply transfer that skill into your every day life, you will see beauty in...

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la dolche vita

La Dolce Vita

I had been to Italy before and remembered being awed by the beauty around every corner. The people were walking works of art. The buildings were lovingly adorned with carvings and curves that just made them not simply functional, but beautiful. Squares were gathering places for life, smiles, and affection. My memories were all so colorful and alive. After seeing Eat, Pray, Love, I couldn't wait to see if  I still thought the word for Italy was Love (unlike Elizabeth Gilbert who said the word was Eat). After visiting again in 2018, my word for Italy is not just one word, but a phrase: la dolce vita. Let's start first with the food. Italian Food Okay, Elizabeth Gilbert had better food than I did the first time. Italy has come around to better food...

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get lost

Get Lost

You know, some of my most favorite trips were ones where I had no agenda and no particular destination. It's just a kind of "get lost on purpose" or an "I'll know where I am when I get there" type of adventure. These are the types that encourage meandering, lingering, and savoring. When you don't have to be anywhere, you're more likely to take that turn down a wandering lane. You're more likely to talk to that delightful couple over breakfast or discover that wonderful cave. I suppose we all have a bucket list. And the wonders of the world aren't called that for no reason. So, I am not saying that making plans is a bad idea. Just suggesting that maybe, sometimes, it's good to just let life take you where...

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third world spiritual travel

The Joy of Third World Spiritual Travel

One of the greatest joys of third world spiritual travel is the rawness of life. The people don't have the luxury of first world distractions, so every day is real. They can't afford or can't get an aspirin for their aches much less a Xanax or Percocet so there is no escape from their feelings. This makes life rich. They delight in small things like rain on hot day. A feast day is a huge celebration. It doesn't matter how much is on your to do list or who you're mad at. Those things can wait. Today we feast. The view of the world always depends upon where you are standing. If you are standing in a sterilized world of plenty, the photo of these children may look pitiful and heart rending....

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Missing Bonnie Scotland

Some places hit you over the head. Some are softer and creep in like the fog in the night. For me, Scotland is the latter. It was certainly special while we were there, but with the distance of three months now, my fondness has only grown. The people are among the nicest I've met in the UK. I could listen to them talk all day. There is laughter in their voices and a twinkle in their eyes. There is sadness in their souls as well. This only gives them depth and character. They feel like whole people, not mannequins. The food is the best I've had in the UK. I love a Cornish pasty, but other than that, the cuisine of the rest of Great Britain leaves a lot to be desired. I...

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