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Pan Society makes animism accessible to the modern person. You don't have to be the grandchild of a Cherokee princess or a Viking to be animist. Come as you are. Join us!
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fall in love, stay there

How to Fall in Love and Stay There

Rumi said, "Fall in love. Stay there." But how? How can anyone accomplish that? Here are some suggestions. Read Khalil Gibran's On Love Every Day for Thirty Days  If you're going to fall in love, you really need to know a little something about what love is. You need to erase the fairy tale notion that love is about being swept off your feet, sitting back and eating bon bons for the rest of your life. It's rough, emotional, heart wrenching, and destructive. It's also insanely vivifying. Taking on love takes immense courage. Each time you read this poem, let yourself imagine one of the spokes on that journey. Even the hard ones. Yearn for it. Welcome it. Choose It Now that you know what love is, choose it. Choose to let it come into...

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falling in love in cornwall

Falling in Love in Cornwall

Tak-a-ta, tak-a-ta, tak-a-ta. The wind battered flag tapped out a rhythm into the air, inviting me to dance. Yes, I’d play. I’d seen this scene so many times, but never like this. And I needed something to put the smile back into my heart and the warmth into this cold, cold day.   From the time I landed in England, she seemed determined to take my love away. Like the disillusioned lover who deep down thinks, “If you only knew the real me, you would not love me,” Cornwall put on her naughty face. I was hungry, tired, and dehydrated, so I wasn’t in the mood. I didn’t find her misty spit amusing. But greater than my irritation was my desire to love her the way I always had. To dance the way we always had.   I once thought...

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moon drunk

Moon Drunk

flames dance to the steady, rhythmic drum, first red, then gold, then green, as disembodied voices echo through the trees joining the singers in the circle. who’s here? crickets? frogs? dogs? ghosts watching from the darkness? dancers writhe in shadows to Nature’s feral orchestra lost between here and there I am perceiver and perceived. I am the light and shadows. I am moon drunk....

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