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la dolche vita

La Dolce Vita

I had been to Italy before and remembered being awed by the beauty around every corner. The people were walking works of art. The buildings were lovingly adorned with carvings and curves that just made them not simply functional, but beautiful. Squares were gathering places for life, smiles, and affection. My memories were all so colorful and alive. After seeing Eat, Pray, Love, I couldn't wait to see if  I still thought the word for Italy was Love (unlike Elizabeth Gilbert who said the word was Eat). After visiting again in 2018, my word for Italy is not just one word, but a phrase: la dolce vita. Let's start first with the food. Italian Food Okay, Elizabeth Gilbert had better food than I did the first time. Italy has come around to better food...

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spirituality of aging

The Spirituality of Aging

I was at a family function recently when a child said to me with the typical unfiltered honesty that only a child can muster, "I don't like your grey hair. It makes you look old." Ooh, snap! I could have taken this as an opportunity to be hurt or offended or to teach him about being polite. Instead I chose to give him a lesson in the spirituality of aging and challenge his idea of what it meant to be "old." To him "old" was useless, slow, not fun, and ugly. I threw down the gauntlet that elders could be wise, beautiful, invaluable, and full of life. You see, the wheel of life starts with gestation. This is a dark, formless space of becoming that can't be seen with the eyes because it...

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Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Life Takes Time. Let it Unfold.

In a world of instantaneous satisfaction, it can be hard to wait for things to ripen. Real life takes time. Let it unfold. We all have options. You can have a microwaved pizza ready to eat five minutes from the time you thought, "Hey, I'm hungry." Or you can have a meal of real, healthy, nutrient rich food in forty five minutes. You can sit there trying to make a magic check appear tomorrow for your rent through the Law of Attraction. Or you can work a steady job, budget your money, and know that the money will be there. Grounding into the Earth energy is about doing the daily practice of building a foundation, a life. Earth is what keeps us from blowing over in the storms. It keeps us...

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When we are out of alignment with our nature and Nature itself, the way back is atonement. To atone is to bring back into harmony. It is an act to repent, show remorse, and repair a rift. It paves the way for forgiveness and reconciliation. When you are mindful and present, it's easy to feel the Oneness. This makes is also easy to feel when you are not in alignment. Anxiety, guilt, shame, and confusion are signs that all is not well. Perhaps it is simply a matter of gaining clarity. Or maybe it means it's time for atonement. Atonement is easiest when it's swift and decisive. When you make a habit of apologizing and paying as you go, it doesn't have to be hard or shameful. It's just part of life. We...

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naked in a masked world

Naked in a Masked World

Lots of people talk a good game about how authentic they are, but how many of us really dare to be naked in a masked world? How many of us have closets full of masks for every occasion? Most of us run for the mask at the first sign of danger. It's comforting and gives us a place to hide. My advice to you comes from Charles Bukowski's "All the Way." “If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery — isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how...

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walking in nature

The Power of Walking in Nature

How familiar are you with the sound of the morning dew dripping onto the forest floor? Have you delighted in the smell of aspen as you come upon a grove? Have you ever stopped to admire the way the sunlight tenaciously peeks through a canopy of trees lighting up random spots on fallen leaves? Did you ever reach out to touch a mist so thick that you could feel it sitting heavily on your cheeks? If you don't know these sensations, you haven't fully lived, my friend. Life is a sensory experience. The best way to feel alive is to engage with it. While people and urban environments are stimulating and can be great teachers, sometimes we need to interact with other Nature to see our nature. Being in the flow of life allows...

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love speak

Love Speak

Did you know that your inside is reflected on the outside every moment? I am not talking about your society's standards of physical beauty. I am talking about what you think of yourself and the world around you. If you step back and examine your language, you will see what's inside. If you want to change it so that it's loveliness and light, practice Love Speak. Love Speak is using language to witness the beauty of life. It is a way to express gratitude for being part of all this wonder. It can show up by slowing down and noticing the blossoming spring flowers and taking time to speak what you see to bring it into your consciousness and the world. Perhaps it is something as simple as "Wow, the wisteria smells amazing!"...

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what are you birthing

What Are You Birthing?

Everything has the potential to blossom into something new. Today is the eve of May Day. We're halfway through the spring. Lilacs and wisteria perfume the air. Cherry trees and dogwoods are in full bloom. Baby animals are being born on the farm. What are you birthing? Spring is the time of the year to bring forth new ideas, new projects, and new relationships. Instead of creating new things most of us just revamp the old thing in a new way. Perhaps we're in a new relationship, but it's just a new person with the same old dynamic. Maybe we have a new job, but it gives us the same emotional and intellectual challenges as the old one. It could be that we started a new project or hobby, and that will...

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sacred, mundane, profane

The Sacred, Mundane, and Profane

What's the difference between the sacred, mundane, and profane? I'd say your point of view. All life is sacred. What makes it mundane is forgetting that so that what is commonplace loses its significance. What makes a thing profane is abuse. Let's look at sex for example. Sex is a magical process from which life begins. When you see a calf or baby being born, it's hard to miss the wonder of it all. Yet, who among us hasn't forgotten that when sex is readily available in the same way with the same person? The sex didn't change. Our minds did. If you are reared without the respect and reverence for sex, it may not just be mundane, but profane. When we snatch young girls off the streets and sell them to buyers,...

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mystery school

Why Mystery Schools are Secret

Have you ever wondered why mystery schools are secret? Isn't God for everyone? Isn't wisdom best when it is shared? People who keep information and practices secret must be in a cult, right? Well, not really. There really is a good reason why mystery schools are secret. I didn't understand it until confronted with what it looks like when information gets into the hands of the uninitiated. Here's what I mean. I was listening to someone speak about the traditions and culture of a group she did not belong to. She had lots of respect and meant to honor this group. However, her words were not correct. Everything she said was filtered through the lens of her mainstream worldview. She lacked subtlety and understanding. So although she had the right spirit, her...

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