If you are on a quest for spiritual or personal growth, you probably are on the look out for things that are wrong. You may want to reach your maximum potential and live your purpose. So you go about reaching for the good and correcting the bad. But are you creating imbalance?

What do I mean? Well, it’s tempting to judge things as “good” and “bad or perhaps “desirable” and “not desirable.” We cultivate what we think will make us happy, strong, wealthy, and healthy and seek to eradicate anything that isn’t that. Or perhaps we isolate ourselves from people, places, and things that we feel are negative.

Let’s look at this as if it were a garden. We want a beautiful, thriving garden that gives us pleasure and food to nurture our bodies and souls. As with most gardens, we’re starting with less than perfect soil. So, we till the soil, mix in topsoil and fertilizer to get the nutrients up. Then we add some things to make the pH perfect for the plants we have in mind. We put in a beautiful compliment of plants. Then we maintain it by watering and weeding. Then we sit back and enjoy. How could that be a bad thing?

Nature is intelligent. What we see as poor soil isn’t really poor soil. It’s perfect for the energy of the land. The land reflects the energy of all that has gone before and where things are now. It supports the life that is perfect for that spot. Nature is always working to balance itself. If left alone, it will self-correct. Grassy lawns are not designed to flourish in the desert. Cacti, sage, palo verde, yucca, and desert ironwood thrive in these places of low water and temperature extremes.

Deserts are places of rest and rejuvenation. When you bring in elements to make it not desertlike, you’re actually creating more desert. Lack of water doesn’t create desertification. Overloading the land’s carrying capacity does. In other words, when we impose our will on the land, another person, or ourselves in order to meet our own needs, we create imbalance.

Nature doesn’t have a Garden of Eden. There is no Utopia. There are lush places and dry places. The sky can release gentle rains or torrential downpours. Trees grow in some areas while grasslands dominate others. It’s all about balance. The land of milk and honey doesn’t exist in nature. Not in the environment and not within you. We live in a dual universe. Light and dark must live in harmony.

Instead of trying to create all happiness and light, learn to live within the cycles of your life. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:1. If you are in the summer of your relationship, be there. When you’re in the spring of your career, be there. All aspects of your life won’t line up perfectly. If you enjoy where you are, you will learn what you are supposed to learn and grow with the flow. You won’t be too hasty or too slow. Life will unfold at its own natural pace.

But let’s say you really would rather just enjoy the nice, beautiful garden. No worries. There is no wrong way to live. All choices are learning opportunities. Everything has consequences. Being in balance usually creates harmony. Living in the extremes tends to be really uncomfortable. Sometimes we need a little discomfort to get us unstuck. Sometimes we need a lot. Be present and you will get the feedback that you need to get you back on track.