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The Pan Tribe

Be a Part of the “Pan Tribe” and Deepen Your Animist Connection



We Will Help Your Explore



Know yourself, love yourself, and be yourself.



Share your beautiful self with friends, family, your community, and Nature.



Let your life express that everything is sacred and connected.

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Explorer Level

  • Get a free introduction to animism
  • You’ll have access to a group of like-minded people who speak your language
  • Take as much time as you like to explore.
  • Start now with no obligation!
  • It’s free forever!

Sage Level

  • Deepen your awareness of what animism is and how to bring it alive in your every day life so it’s not just a belief.
  • Learn from Nature and your own experience
  • Build skill lessons to get you past tough spots
  • Hear ideas that broaden your reality paradigm
  • Ask Laura and Cherie questions so you’re never stuck
  • Talk to our online tribe here in our private group for even more support.
  • Only $15 per month.
laura giles
Laura Giles, LCSW
cherie calvert
Cherie Calvert

Although modern animism is a path of direct revelation, and your best teachers will be Nature and your own experience, it helps to have assistance when going in a new direction. Culture is taught through our families, peer, and culture. When adopting a new culture, you will miss the nuances if you are not guided because so much of it is unstated. It’s like birds who are raised in captivity who don’t know how to sing or find a mate. How could they if they didn’t learn? 

No worries. Laura Giles and Cherie Calvert grew up with indigenous animism and have blazed the trail for you, so you don’t have to “go Native” or reconstruct your ancestor’s way of life to be a modern animist. They will help you tap into your inner wisdom, make sense of the tangles, and flesh out the empty spaces, so you can create your authentic, animist path. 

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