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Pan Society makes animism accessible to the modern person. You don't have to be the grandchild of a Cherokee princess or a Viking to be animist. Come as you are. Join us!
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Welcome to our Experiential Animism Course

pan society

There is an explosive interest in animism, but unless you have indigenous ancestry, your opportunity for an inside track to what it’s like is  very limited. 

Our goal is to make the modern animist lifestyle accessible to all. We focus on teaching modern animism as a practical, experiential, improvisational, and personal lifestyle that enhances both sovereignty and connection with the All-That-Is.

Your guides for this journey were born into animist families, but were reared in the west. So we have a foot in both worlds. We are not academics who are looking at it from the outside in. We are not marketers who are selling our culture to the highest bidder. 

We remain true to our beliefs that animism belongs to everyone and spirituality cannot be sold. 

Animism has no dogma or rules. That can make it tough to know what to do. Additionally, life unfolds moment to moment. It’s always changing. So we will guide you to how to integrate the skills and experiences to live an improvisational animist life. 

Our approach to teaching is experiential. We will lead you through exercises and rituals and let you decide what it means to you. You will always be free to decide to accept, reject, or adapt what you learn to suit your own lifestyle.

We will teach you basic skills so that you can better discern what you are experiencing and how best to interpret and use it.

 Animism is a relational spiritual path. We promote sovereignty (know yourself, love yourself, and be yourself) and connection (share yourself) so that you can experience Oneness. If this speaks to you, please join us.


The self-guided path gives you access to all our materials and forums where you can post questions and share thoughts with others in the program. Go at your own pace and follow where you heart leads.


Life is circular, and everyone is not on the same path, so this course isn’t a stair step. It’s a “choose your own adventure” path. So, if you want more guidance, you may choose this route. You will have access to your mentor in the group forum. 

Individual Mentored Path


If you want one-on-one attention, you can choose this path. This can be scheduled as needed or on a regular basis.

Donations and Reciprocity

goldIn order to be in alignment with our values, we do not charge a fee for our self-guided path. In indigenous societies, spiritual leaders are compensated for their time and services with heartfelt donations. This demonstrates our value of reciprocity, or give and take. 

Your donation reflects the value of what you receive. If you do not expect to gain anything, perhaps it is not a good time for you to begin this course. This decision is between you, Spirit and your heart.

As a guideline, $1 per day for the group mentoring path is appropriate minimum for this work. If that is not a true sacrifice, or the value you receive is greater, then consider giving more. You can stop the program at anytime or change your sacrifice.

There are very limited individual mentoring path openings. This is available by interview only to make sure that your needs can be met. Email your prospective mentor to schedule a phone chat and to discuss the fee for this service. 

If you believe that everything is alive, connected, and sacred, and you’re looking for a way to bring that into your every day life, this is for you.

Additionally, this path is a calling to those who feel called to:

  • lead a more meaningful life
  • live more authentically
  • live more naturally
  • be more connected
  • belong to a tribe, their community, the universe
laura giles
Laura Giles, LCSW
cherie calvert
Cherie Calvert

Although modern animism is a path of direct revelation, and your best teachers will be Nature and your own experience, it helps to have assistance when going in a new direction. Culture is taught through our families, peers, and culture. When adopting a new culture, you will miss the nuances if you are not guided because so much of it is unstated. It’s like birds who are raised in captivity who don’t know how to sing or find a mate. How could they if they didn’t learn? 

No worries. Laura Giles and Cherie Calvert grew up with indigenous animism and have blazed the trail for you, so you don’t have to “go Native” or reconstruct your ancestor’s way of life to be a modern animist. They will help you tap into your inner wisdom, make sense of the tangles, and flesh out the empty spaces, so you can create your authentic, animist path. 

Course Content

animist classThe course begins with mindfulness, so that you can learn to see what is there. 

Then we move to Sovereignty so that you can learn who you are, take responsibility for yourself, and make this a safe place for all.

From there, you can go where your heart calls you. Options include learning about cultivating an ancestor veneration practice, working with the archetypes, creating connection, divination, working with the elements, “Help! I’m stuck!,  legends, myths, and stories, magic, medicines, healing, rituals, altars and shrines, rites of passage, the holy days, and using the wheel of life.

How Does the Course Work?

The course is an online, self-study program. It’s self-paced, but we suggest going slowly enough that that you can integrate everything, but fast enough to maintain momentum. A good “average” pace is one unit per week. 

All paths have outlets for sharing your work and asking questions. This is an important part of the process that will help you to reflect and apply what you learn so that the ideas become conscious.

Lets Stay in Touch